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Update by user Dec 04, 2020

Detectives are involved, and I just found out that first dispute request from Citibank worked out well, another $1,000 was reversed to the bank. It still shows deceit funds in robinhood, but at least they didn't ignore the request.

Once the warranty comes, detectives will go ahead and investigate them thoroughly. I will keep it posted.

Update by user Nov 30, 2020

I have contacted Identity Theft Report (https://www.identitytheft.gov), and had a report. Then I called the local police department.

A local sheriff visited my house, and had a police report. I sent a Identity Theft Dispute Letter to Robin hood via email, as well as mail.

They still don't have any response since Nov 24, 2020. They sent 2 emails, saying "Our team concluded its investigation and determined that your account was not compromised and that no unauthorized activity took place in your account."Still, nothing happens yet..

Update by user Nov 25, 2020

They just emailed me last night and saying,"After reviewing your account, I see that your transfer activity on 11/19/2020 triggered an ACH compliance alert. This caused our compliance department to place restrictions on your account for your security."That one was not DONE by me, and I have to keep explaining the same situation. I guess I have to upload my id again.

Update by user Nov 25, 2020

I froze my account, and contacted the local police department.

Original review posted by user Nov 23, 2020

I purchased stock with RobinHood.com with the account.

Until November 13, 2020, all activity was done by myself.

As of November 17, 2020, someone hacked my account. They sold nearly all of my shares, withdrew over $1,800 in funds through an ATM in Poland.

The same day, money was withdrawn from my personal CitiBank account that was connected to RobinHood.com in the amount of around $2,000.

It seems the first $1,000 was transferred in Kansas City, MO and the second $1,000 is locked in my RobinHood.com account after I requested to Robinhood on Nov 19, 2020.

When I contacted RobinHood.com, records showed someone made a debit card through that account to withdraw this money, but my actual bank account information was not stolen.

They opened an investigation, but this morning told me they see no fraudulent activity.


I need help ASAP!

Monetary Loss: $3883.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Robinhood Pros: Real time price, Trading made simple.

Robinhood Cons: Zero customer service no help against thieves, Robin hood made mistake and took money, Not a safe app.

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Finally I was able to reach them at 1855 9O9 2795 and they were able to resolve my issue.


I was just hacked this morning on Robinhood. They sold all my shares!!!!

Opened a debit card to with draw my money. The name of the person doing this is Collectiv Mykhailo Tu. This person is intercepting my e-mails and my text from RobinHood. I can not longer get a verification code on my text from Robinhood.

When they withdraw money on the debit card It pops up on my phone the amount they are withdrawing. I have sent e-mail after e-mail to robinhood trying to get them to stop these people from stealing my money. They still have not stopped them! My back account numbers are on my robinhood account they gained access to these accounts as well.

Right away they tried to take a thousand dollar out of my accounts. I can not contact Robinhood by phone, when I call they redirect you to the app that I can no longer access.

I called and cancelled all my accounts. I can not believe this is happening!!!!!


Hello - My account has been locked and I just wanted to know if you ever received a full refund.


Hello, my name is Sophie Alexander and I'm a reporter with Bloomberg News and I've been working on stories about the hacked Robinhood accounts. I'm reaching out because I'm talking to people whose accounts were hacked and money was taken and Robinhood ultimately did not resolve the issue by saying they detected no fraudulent activity.

Would you be willing to share your experience for my story? I'm hoping to hear from as many people as I can about this issue.

You can email me at salexander82@***.net Hope to hear from you soon! Sophie Alexander


Hi Sophie, I emailed to you. Thanks!


Are you still investigating robinhood? They are illegally holding my settled brokerage cash of $191,000 + over $34,000 in stocks.

They will not allow my to access my cash or make any transfers. I am restricted from buying I have no margin. They will not reply to my numerous emails. I was not on a prior restriction.

They froze my account completely while I was in a mid trade transaction. I see why that person committed suicide now. The duress this is causing me is beyond anything I had imagined.

I cannot even transfer cleared and settled cash back into my bank to pay my bills. My student loan is going into default.

@Brenda T Owf

I've had Robinhood for about 2 years now. My acct became restricted about a month ago due to a transfer.

I added more cash, that transfer was cleared in 4 business days. I decided to sell all my shares and attempted to withdraw my money back into my acct but they said it's still restricted and I cannot continue with the withdraw. I have emailed plenty of times regarding my acct, no one is answering my emails. I don't know what to do and there isn't a number to talk to someone.

If someone can please email me I'll appreciate it.

j.herz@***7@ gmail. dot com.


@PissedConsumer196****, My account was just restricted and I'm unable to do anything as well. Do you know if I should reach out to anyone else in the media or attorneys who can bring this to someone's attention.


Sophia can you contact me. Stephenasloan@***.com. I’m having the same issues.

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